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Our residency program offers adolescents access to mental health services, such as therapy, counseling, and medication management, which they may not have otherwise. This can help to address mental health issues before they become more serious or chronic conditions.

Our residency program addresses social determinants of mental health, such as poverty, trauma, and social isolation, by providing resources and support. This can help to prevent mental health problems from developing in the first place.

Our residency program promotes resilience in adolescents by teaching skills such as problem-solving, coping, and social support. This can help adolescents to manage their mental health and develop the resources they need to cope with adversity.

Our residency program provides opportunities for peer support, which can be especially beneficial for adolescents. Peer support can help adolescents to learn coping strategies, build social skills, and feel less isolated. It can also help to reduce stigma around mental health issues.

Our residency program addresses cooccurring disorders, which are mental health conditions that occur alongside substance use disorders. By providing integrated care that addresses both mental health and substance use, we can help adolescents to manage both issues simultaneously.

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Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why we create a personalized treatment plan for each and everyone.

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Your privacy is important to us. All your personal information will always remain 100% confidential.

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We cater for adolescent youth struggling with existential crisis and underlying issues associated with it to deliver complete care that truly works.

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